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What neighborhoods do you work in?

We are based in Echo Park, Los Angeles. Much of our work is on the east side of Los Angeles (Hollywood, Silver Lake, Echo Park, Highland Park, Pasadena and nearby). We sometimes work on projects in other parts of Los Angeles if it is a particularly good fit. If your not sure, email us and let’s chat.

For people who live further away, we do offer remote Photo Chats via Facetime or conference call as an alternative to onsite meetings.

How does the turf removal rebate work?

Los Angeles – See link for current requirements.

Can you build my project for me?

No, we are concept designers, not contractors. But we can help you find a contractor, in needed.

Do you have contractors you can recommend?

Yes, depending on where you are located. Most of our work is on the east side of Los Angeles (Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Echo Park, Highland Park, Pasadena area where we have a lot of connections. If you are in another area of Los Angeles we may be able to recommend people – just ask.

How much does is cost to re-do my yard?

It depends on what you want to do. A typical client might have a budget of $15,000 – 35,000 for residential landscape work.  If you are on a tighter budget or have a small project we are still happy to consult and point you in the right direction. Remember work can always be phased. So we design the whole thing, but could be built in 2 or 3 phases when you have the time and money. Flatter yards are usually cheaper than properties with a lot of grade change.

You charge hourly — how much is it going to cost total?

As a rule of thumb we recommend setting aside 10 – 15% of your over all budget for design. So for every $10,000 of landscape work you do, $1000  – $1500 would be spent on design.  Our hourly rate is $95 so that would work out to about 10 – 15 hours of design/site visits for every $10,000 worth of construction. If you are concerned about budgeting let’s talk and we will come up for a number not to exceed for design work and find ways to reduce our hours.

I live out of state — can you help me with my landscape?

Yes, we offer remote Photo Chats via Facetime or conference call. You send us documents and we can discuss them and give you feedback.  We can also do custom design services, for example of if you want us to design the hardscape patterns, etc.  Contact us to discuss.

Do you accept credit cards?

We accept Paypal (credit and debit cards accepted vis Paypal) or personal checks.

How do you bill?

We send invoices weekly via email. You can click on a button in the email to pay via Paypal if you like, or you can give/send us a check.


Do you consult on big projects internationally?

Yes, we are available to do concept master planning for larger scale projects, like plazas, parks, fountain, public spaces. We can also consult  and advice on your existing concept design. We enjoy this type of work.  Reach out to us to discuss your needs.



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