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Signature Services for Residential Landscapes

PHOTO CHAT – Remote consultation on your landscape design project
+ 40 minutes call via: Conference Call or FaceTime
+ Clients/site can be anywhere in the world.
+ You send photos, plans, drawings, questions, etc. ahead of time.
+ You create notes, no documentation will be created.
+ Photo chats be done multiple times

WALK & TALK – We walk around your property & talk about your space
+ 1 hr 30 min consult on location
+ Neighborhoods serves: Echo Park, Silver Lake, Los Feliz, Mt. Washington, Highland Park and nearby areas.
+ You create notes, no documentation will be created.
+ Walk & Talks can be done multiple times. Can be used as garden coaching.
+ Pro tip: Create a Pinterest board of images you find inspiring and share it with us before the visit.

THE BIG PLAN – Drawing up the master plan  (Cost depends on scale of project)
+ If you have had a Walk & Talk and you want to keep going the next step is The Big Plan.
+ We come out and measure, and draw a scaled 2-D AutoCAD drawing (11 x 17″) of proposed master plan for property based on our Walk & Talk discussions.
+ This will give you something to hand to contractor, and start getting estimates and to allow you to calculate materials, plants, etc.
+ The Big Plan focuses on space planning, design, layout, over all concept, experience of being there. It may include some planting notes, like locations of plant beds, and trees, etc. but it is not a comprehensive planting plan (see Planting Roadmap below).
+ We create a Pinterest board for the project with ideas for paving, materials, lighting, furniture, etc.
+ You will get the plan via email (we can print copies for you too if needed). Then can then follow up with a phone call or site visit, and make any revisions to the drawing as needed.

PLANTING ROADMAP – We choose plants that will delight your senses and become your “plant friends”
Scope and process of selecting plants varies greatly between projects – ask us for a quote
+ You give us some ideas of plants you are drawn towards
+ We create a Pinterest Plant palette board for your review and comment
+ For smaller projects we can go plant shopping together at a local nursery
+ For larger projects, it is best to draw up a planting plan and source from multiple nurseries
+ Plant mock-ups are a great way to decide if you are happy with palette before you put in a huge plant order
+ Plant shopping, tree selection and plant ordering also available
+ Plant layout onsite

$95 an hour design & project management
The hourly site visit rate may be higher depending on distance from 90026.


Some projects require more detailed conceptual hardscape design, irrigation layout diagrams, lighting diagrams and mock-ups, furniture selection, outdoor kitchen design, 3D modeling, illustrations, etc. We are happy to give you a quote on custom design services to best fit your needs once we have had a Walk & Talk.

In an attempt to be as paperless as possible, we send our invoices via email, weekly. Payment is accepted via PayPal (debit or credit cards accepted), Venmo or check.

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